Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time Passed

Time Passed
An Analogy

I once was a pure, refreshing, cool, clear river. I was living waters of sustenance and beauty. I danced over rocks and splashed about as the Finned-Ones played in my fluidity. Four-Leggeds frolicked at my shores and thirsted not. Plants thrived, blossoming and filling the air with delightful fragrances. The wind carried the joyous songs of the exotic Winged-Ones. Two-Leggeds came and played at my shores, grateful for all they saw and heard and felt. They were cleansed, refreshed, renewed. They delighted in my glory and partook no more than needed and were thankful. They stood reverent beneath the twinkling night sky under the lunar phases and neath the radiant sun. Time passed…..
I was a stagnant river, wrought with poison waste, brimming with the fears and anger of the Two-Leggeds. The Four-Leggeds, Finned-Ones and Winged-Ones became sick. The toxicity festered and bubbled over the shores and spread across the Earth neath those still twinkling night skies and radiant days. The odor noxious and suffocating. The Two-Leggeds heaped their waste and darkened hearts upon already stagnant waters. Time is passing…..
I can once again dance, play, refresh and renew, mind, body, and spirit. May the sun shine brightly within your hearts and the stars dance within your eyes, love and light flowing from within into the river and spreading across the Earth. May the winds whisper hope in your ears as the Windged-Ones lighten your heart with their song. May you see possibilities within the lessons of the Four-Leggeds and Finned-Ones as they teach and guide us and we find and give healing. Breathe deeply from the wellsprings of love and light residing still within our inner visions and dreams. There is life in the waters, the air, the earth, within fire and spirit. Be not stagnant and closed off. Learn, transform, and you create living waters.

By: Lady Kiya

Aspects of The Goddess Within

The Goddess Trine
Oh how my beloved doth radiantly shine
In all aspects of the feminine Divine
I see her dancing in the twilight
The Maiden, innocent, shines still so bright
The Mother, compassionate holds me close
The Crone, her wisdom, touches my spirit most.
I bring to her daisies, touched by dew
I hold her close, our love so true
I look into her wizened eyes
Her amazing spirit within each guise.
I’ve known her in so many ways
Lifetimes past, and yesterdays
My sister, child, lover, friend
As we circle round again.
As our hearts beneath the twilight twine
And our lives touched by love light shine.
May tomorrows shaped by yesterday
Bring us closer by night and day.
By Lady Kiya

Father Divine

Father Divine
Within your light
I stand protected
Certain in your knowledge
Your love
Your strength
My Divine Father
Mighty King, Hunter,
My heart’s fire
On my holy quest
I stand certain and true
Harvesting, gleaning
Becoming more like you.
In awe I stand
Neath your golden rays
I come in love
My King of Light
Upon the path
Tis you I seek
That we shall together stand
As She doth sleep.

By Lady Kiya

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Landscape in Metallics

I did a three section painting in the metallic paint, an abstract piece. I did this one for a friend. I liked it so much I added the landscape to the sectional painting.

Journey of the Butterfly Moon

Journey Of The Butterfly Moon

You are hiking down the forest path, stopping occasionally to admire
the thickets of ferns, unusual rock faces, and the beautiful array of
flowers. You see butterflies frolicking in the air, resting
occasionally on a flower to get a drink of nectar. Birds dance in the
sky singing happy songs above you. The rushing of water from a nearby
stream playfully calls you to take a break and cool off its inviting
waters. You come across a narrow break in the path that leads down to
a large pool of water fed by gentle cascading falls along the stream.
Reaching the waters edge you are pleased to discover to the left of
the pond is a graceful waterfall that showers into the pond rippling
its sky mirrored surface. You decide to stop and refresh yourself in
the cool clear pond. You undress and poke a toe in to test the waters
and find it quite comfortable. Carefully wading in as you are not sure
of the depth, you find the bottom gently slopes until you are chest
deep and then drops off to a depth of about 20 feet. Diving in deeply
you enjoy your time in the clear waters playing and splashing as
dragonflies skim over the surface and frogs lay in wait on lily pads.
You flip over on your back to float feeling completely relaxed and
refreshed. Moving closer to the cascading waters of the fall you
notice that there appears to be an opening behind the sheeting water.
You decide to get dressed and investigate what appears to be the
opening of a cave behind the above waterfall.

You carefully climb the narrow path leading up to the lip of the
waterfall. You are thrilled to find a small empty cave. The opening is
not much larger than a door and is camouflaged by trailing vines and
large boulders. Realizing it is a perfect place to cocoon you from the
elements, you decide to set up camp there and make your way back down
to gather your things. Others have been here before and you discover a
pile of wood to start a small fire with and you begin making your camp
fire in a stone enclosed circle near the cave entrance so that the
smoke will not engulf the cave and also to keep unwanted creatures
from making a surprise entrance during the night. After eating a light
dinner of fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, and cheese, you decide to
create a circle and meditate upon the beauty and blessings of the day.

You lay out a circle just outside the cave entrance but directly
behind the falling water so that you can see the Moon and stars make
their grand entrance into the evening sky. Sitting inside your small
circle, created with small stones, feathers, and other trinkets you
found along the path, your mind starts to drift. In your minds eye,
you see your journey of the day, the tall pines, the ferns, flowers…
You hear the birds, smell the richness of the soil…. You feel relaxed.
As you once again embrace the beauty and joy of the day you begin to
journey back to coolness of the pond and the waterfall. Your mind
takes a new direction and you see yourself standing at the edge of the
waterfall. As you look down over the moonlit water below you see that
you are no longer clothed in your shorts and t-shirt, but are now
dressed in a sheer flowing gossamer robe cut down the front to the
navel, the soft folds delicately covering your nakedness. There is a
silver link belt embedded with rainbow crystals and moonstones loosely
curving about your hips and trailing down the front to your ankles. On
your brow set's a silver tiara with the three phases of the moon at
center and encrusted with tiny moonstones and crystals. Your arms are
bare except for silver wrist cuffs engraved with runes. About your
neck, a silver chain, resting comfortably between your breast is a
pendant of the goddess within the phases of the moon. You see yourself
inside the fullness of the moon reflected in the waters below. You
embrace your reflection that of the Triune Goddess and the knowledge
that the you, as well as the phases of the moon and the Goddess
herself transition through aspects of growth, reflection, strength,
and understanding. Each aspect is part of our journey to be whom we
are yet to be. Each aspect teaches us, shape us and guides us. You
feel loved, and capable of loving. You feel open, refreshed, and
centered. As you embrace this feeling and knowledge, a ripple gently
moves across the surface of the water caused by a butterfly resting on
the surface to drink. You know that all that you do creates a ripple
in the very fabric of the Universe. All that you do, say, and think,
can bring about chaos, or beauty. You feel secure in the love you have
found and as you reflect on what you have learned, you lean forward
and dive from the lip of the falls into the pond below purposefully
creating a wave. This wave gradually becomes but a ripple, but this
ripple is of love, and understanding.

As you come to the surface, you find yourself sitting safely inside
your circle inside the cave. It is now dawn. You are refreshed and
relaxed. You sit back and watch the sun make its way into its day
home. After eating a light meal you gather your things, and extinguish
the fire. As you make your way down from the waterfall, down to the
edge of the pond, and back to the path that leads home, you glance
back and see the a butterfly drying its glorious new wings in the sun
on a flower at the edge of the pond and know that you too have been
transformed are ready to try out your new wings.

By: Lady Kiya

Sacred Wheel of Life

The Sacred Wheel of Life

You are on a well worn path in a forest of large majestic redwoods.
The moonlight glimmers on the moist fronds of the dense ferns that
border the trees. You can smell the damp moist soil and decaying
leaves under your feet. The moon and stars blanket the evening sky
above. You are dressed in a white velveteen cloak that shimmers in the
moonlight. It is early spring and the air is slightly cool still but
you are comfortable in just your cloak.

In the distance you here the beating of drums and barely audible
chanting in a language you are not familiar with. There is a slight
hint of sage and cedar wafting in the gentle breeze. As you near the
edge of the thicket you see the warm glow of a bonfire. The sacred
scents are stronger and the drumming and chanting louder. As you step
from the trees you see that there are 5 figures dancing around a
bonfire in a small clearing in the midst of the forest. They suddenly
stop dancing and drumming and look in your direction. As they again
begin their drumming you see yet another figure coming towards you.
She is dressed in a white buckskin dress and moccasin boots. The beads
and feathers on the fringe of her dress dance in the gentle breeze.
Her black hair hangs long and loose about her waist. Not saying a
word, she holds out her hand and you take it. As you near the fire,
you see that the five figures dancing about the fire are men dressed
also in buckskins. Four of the men have painted faces, one in yellow,
one in red, one in black, and one in white. The fifth man's face has
symbols in all four colors on his face. The young woman brings you to
the edge of the circle where the men have stopped dancing, but the
chanting continues. She picks up a smudge stick of cedar and sage and
begins to smudge you with using a feather to push the smoke. She then
paints your face with yellow, red, black and white. As she turns to
go, the man with the yellow painted face steps forward and asks you to
sit next to him at the East of the circle.

He picks up a beautifully carved pipe and loads it with tobacco. There
are many animals carved into the pipestone bowl. The begin by offering
the smoke from the pipe to the five directions, as well as above and
below. As the pass the pipe amongst themselves it in turn comes to you
and you take your turn also. They begin chanting again, but softly. As
the sage and cedar fill your nostrils, the chanting and drumming fill
your head and heart and a vision comes to you.

An eagle appears before you where the fire had moments ago been. You
hear the eagle speaking inside your head, "From the East, we begin to
seek knowledge, the direction where everything is fresh and new. To
greet the sun and appreciate the potential for new learning
experiences. The new day that enables us to see the miracles and
harmony of the Creators creations. Take this wisdom and keep it in
your heart."

You find that you are now seated at the South of the circle next to
the man with his face painted red. A mouse appears where the eagle had
just been. You hear mouse speaking inside your head. "From the south
we experience growth, the direction where everything in life is
replenished and in full bloom. To taste the ripe fruit of appreciation
and not take what we have for granted. Take this wisdom and keep it in
your heart."

Again, moved in the circle, but this time you are seated in the West
next to the man with his face painted black. A grizzly bear stands
before you now, you hear her words inside your head. " From the west
we encounter reflection and spiritual insight, the direction where
dreams and visions allow you to go within and appreciate yourself and
your Creator. Take this wisdom and keep it in your heart."

As you are now seated next to the man with the painted face of white
at the North of the circle, a buffalo appears before you. Again you
hear the words of the animal spirit before you as you. " From the
North we experience purity, the direction where the secret to many
cures are found for healing. Like the white snow that resembles the
white hair of our elders we honor wisdom. Take this wisdom and keep it
in your heart."
Now you are standing in front of the man with the symbols in the four
colors of the directions. He points to the circle and you suddenly are
aware that this is not a circle but a Medicine Wheel, each man
signifying a sacred direction, the fire representing the center, Great
Mystery, Spirit. He is still speaking in his own tongue but we are
able to understand each word. "Each of us is deeply connected to
everything that exists and therefore we are a critical part of the
sacred medicine wheel. Because of this interconnectedness, what we do
to other life forms, we are doing to ourselves. This is the Law of
One. The wheel can give us visions for our life. True visions benefit
all our relations on Mother Earth, not just human relations, but all
the beings in all the kingdoms. Take this wisdom and share it from
your heart."

He turns back to the wheel, the others once again stand and begin
dancing and chanting. The young lady that accompanied you here appears
and again takes your hand. As you reach the beginning of the path home
at the entrance of the forest she presses into your hand a small
doeskin pouch and turns to go. As you step onto the path, you glance
back and see not but redwood trees and ferns behind you. Turning back
to begin your journey home you discover that you are back in your own
yard, the sun beginning its slow ascent. You sit down to look at the
pouch in your hand and discover that it has a beaded design of the
Medicine Wheel with two small feathers dangling decorating the
outside. At each compass point are the sacred animals representing the
four directions. You open the pouch and find that it is quite empty.
You realize that it in fact it is a symbol of life. It is up to you to
fill it with love, light, and beauty. As with life, what you put into
it you will also receive. We as the pouch, have marks on the outside
but it is what is inside that counts. Begin now to fill the pouch. You
are ready to embrace each day with love and trust and begin now by
greeting today with a prayer of thanks as you sit and watch the day

Lady Kiya

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For The Children

The past stands now before me
Within a babies eyes
Breathing down it's horrors
A small part within me dies
I light a healing candle
And send out love and prayer
That body, mind, and spirit
May know complete repair
As others add their candles
As others face their past
May our light grow in energy
Lighting shadows cast.
Releasing fear, pain, sorrow
Diminishing the hold
Enabling the victims
To stand up proud and bold
So light now another candle
And send out love and prayer
That all the world receive healing
And all know complete repair.

August 18, 2010
For the little 2 year old in Tennessee.