Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time Passed

Time Passed
An Analogy

I once was a pure, refreshing, cool, clear river. I was living waters of sustenance and beauty. I danced over rocks and splashed about as the Finned-Ones played in my fluidity. Four-Leggeds frolicked at my shores and thirsted not. Plants thrived, blossoming and filling the air with delightful fragrances. The wind carried the joyous songs of the exotic Winged-Ones. Two-Leggeds came and played at my shores, grateful for all they saw and heard and felt. They were cleansed, refreshed, renewed. They delighted in my glory and partook no more than needed and were thankful. They stood reverent beneath the twinkling night sky under the lunar phases and neath the radiant sun. Time passed…..
I was a stagnant river, wrought with poison waste, brimming with the fears and anger of the Two-Leggeds. The Four-Leggeds, Finned-Ones and Winged-Ones became sick. The toxicity festered and bubbled over the shores and spread across the Earth neath those still twinkling night skies and radiant days. The odor noxious and suffocating. The Two-Leggeds heaped their waste and darkened hearts upon already stagnant waters. Time is passing…..
I can once again dance, play, refresh and renew, mind, body, and spirit. May the sun shine brightly within your hearts and the stars dance within your eyes, love and light flowing from within into the river and spreading across the Earth. May the winds whisper hope in your ears as the Windged-Ones lighten your heart with their song. May you see possibilities within the lessons of the Four-Leggeds and Finned-Ones as they teach and guide us and we find and give healing. Breathe deeply from the wellsprings of love and light residing still within our inner visions and dreams. There is life in the waters, the air, the earth, within fire and spirit. Be not stagnant and closed off. Learn, transform, and you create living waters.

By: Lady Kiya

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